and create the perfect wax seal !



It’s alright to put a wax seal directly onto your letter but what if you don’t want to spoil your invitation greetings card or other item with spilled wax or seepage (where the wax can sometimes seep through the envelope onto your document). 

Well here’s the insider way to create your own wax seals using the stamp that we’ve created especially for you. Our suggestion is to create your very own glue-able wax seals, or alternatively you can purchase additional double sided adhesive discs from our web site to ensure no mistakes with glue spillage or letters, invites or greetings cards being accidentally stuck together with unset glue. 

What you’ll need to make perfect wax seals... 

  • Some form of metal dish and a means to heat it up to keep your wax in its liquid state, (melting pots available to purchase on site)
  • A flexible baking mat made from silicon or plastic type material (heat resistant, also available on our site)
  • A small metal measuring spoon (Available once again on our site)
  • A roll of kitchen towel
  • A small bottle of white spirits
  • Cleaning rags 

Firstly prior to doing anything at all put your wax seal into your freezer compartment for a minimum of 30 minuets before you intend to start creating your wax impressions, ensure that you have a ready supply of ice and a receptacle to put it in while you’re working. 

Unrolling the baking mat lie it flat on a firm work surface, next to it rip off a couple of sheets of your kitchen towel. Once you’re ready to commence take your stamp out of the freezer and place it into your container of ice to maintain if’s cold temperature. 

Placing the wax into your metal bowl/dish or melting pot, allow it to heat up and turn to liquid. (We strongly recommend a means of controlling the temperature of the heat applied to avoid any risk of fire). Now you’re ready to start, taking your metal measuring spoon take a spoonful of liquid hot wax and pour it evenly on the baking mat. (You may when you become confident pour several blobs of wax at a time, but just for now stick to just the one). Put the spoon back into the hot wax as it works better if the spoon is warm for pouring out the liquid wax. Take you seal in hand out of the ice and just place the stamp end onto the kitchen towel to ensure that there isn’t any residue water on it, place the seal into the already semi solid wax as it starts to set as soon as you’ve poured it on the mat. No need for any real pleasure as usually the seal is heavy enough to make the impression on its own. After only a few seconds remove the seal and place immediately back into the ice container, the secret here is to keep the seal as cold as you can that way the hot wax doesn’t have time to stick to the seal before it sets. 

There you have it you’ve just created you first very own stick able wax impression, you may notice that when you took the spoon to the baking mat to pour your hot wax that you may have spilled or a wax fibre stretched from the hot wax pot on to the baking mat. The beauty of creating your wax seals this way is that if you’d of tried to pour that wax directly to your document the wax trail left behind would’ve now been all across your very “posh” envelope, but by just following these simple instructions you won’t spoil a single one and so save yourself money in the long run. 

If you’re still intending to apply the melted hot wax directly to your document after reading this “how to” directions of use, then do try to cover as much of your envelope with anything that you don’t mind getting a little bit soiled with drizzles of melted wax. But otherwise adhere to the same directions of use and you won’t go far wrong.

If after following our instructions you are still finding the wax seal process difficult - why not ask us to make them for you.  Using your stamp (engraved by us ) we will hand make your wax seals for you, leaving you the job of just peeling and sticking at your convenience..... no mess - no fuss. 

Accidents And Remedies. 

Occasionally, and yes even some times to us something happens and you do get wax stuck to the end of the seal blocking up the engraving and preventing you from creating more impressions. 

The easiest way to clear the seal is to remove the engraved stamp end from the handle and soak in white spirits over night to soften the sealing wax. 


After a few attempts the clogged up wax will all be gone and the seal will once again be able to continue being used. Please note that as earlier stated the seal works best when cold so do try to allow a period of time in the freezer compartment prior to using once more, and remember to remove the heat source from under you’re liquid wax while waiting to re-commence once your seal has cooled sufficiently

If you would like to know more about the history of wax seals and stamping here is a very interesting article: