Victorian Monogram Stamps

Victorian Monogram Stamps

Our Victorian Monogram Designs for wax seal stamps and customised jewellery

Created from old Monogram & Cipher designs that came in to existence in the Victorian Era and were first drawn around 1870.  The beauty of the Victorian fonts enable you to create an art piece rather than just initials, often taking the same two letters of either the surname of Christian name to create a background in which to interlace the remaining initial through, alternately just the two initials can be used - where possible entwining one around the other. Please see our suggestions of designs available, if you cannot see your design on our site, please let us know and we will send you some design suggestions which you may like use to create your monogram.  We can only create designs from two initials (one of which can be used twice to create a design. Each design is carefully hand and computer re-drawn into a suitable format for creating the perfect wax seal impression or for engraving onto a piece of jewellery.
Victorian Monogram Designs are not available for customisation, and are as shown only, as we do not have a specific font for these designs.

NEW - We are now able to engrave a Secret Message onto the top side of wax seal (only available on round 25, 30 or 35mm size stamp heads) Extra cost applies depending on the size of the stamp. Characters are limited depending on the size of the stamp head, suggestions include: mottos, latin phrases, names, dates, your own special message - we are only limited by your imagination ! 

All designs are engraved in reverse for stamping in hot wax.

PLEASE SEE the individual Categories for the full selection of designs available.


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