7mm Small Glue Gun Sealing Wax

Our own Glue Gun Sealing wax hand made in our own workshop in Shropshire - perfect for all wax sealing projects, easy to use with no black soot residue (as with wick sealing wax). 

NOW Available in two sizes Small 7-8mm for the mini Glue Gun and New Large 11mm for the Professional Hot Melt Glue Guns.  Choose from any of our own bespoke handmade colours.  we also recommend a silicon baking mat to protect your surface from drips.  

Let us know if you require more than our available stock as we can make the gun wax for you to order - allow 4-5 working days for dispatch (or longer for larger orders)  

Let us know if you require a particular colour and we will add it to our range.