We will be operating a reduced service between 14th March - 7th April 2023

Production will be closed from the 25th March and begin again on the 3rd April 2023

We apologies for the inconvenience.

Peel n Stick Samples Service

PEEL N' STICK Samples (General Designs) 

We like our customers to be happy with our Peel n' Stick wax seal impressions, and do recommend you purchase our 'Sample Kit' prior to ordering, just to ensure they are suitable for your project.  

As our Wax Seal impressions are hand-made from traditional sealing wax - not plastic or faux wax (containing a flexi agent for strength and durability), you will find they are totally individual in shape, size and form, and will certainly add that personal touch to your invitations.  Our wax seals are now made from traditional sealing wax with the addition of a flexi agent and are suitable for most applications. 

Samples are for basic colour matching only ~ our new colour blends are hand mixed and may differ slightly when re-created.

The beauty of our seals is ~ that no one will ever know that you didn't do it yourself ! 

All our seals are created from our new sealing wax recipe which allows us to create the flexibility you require to get through today's modern postal system.  They come complete with a double sided tissue tape adhesive tape, which will stick to 98% of all dry surfaces, including glass.