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Semi Clear Wax for 11mm Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks

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Semi Clear Sealing Wax Sticks for 11mm Glue Gun

Our Glue Gun Sealing wax is hand made in our workshop in the UK - perfect for all wax sealing and stamping projects.

Our own recipe for the same effect as "Vellum" wax.

Easy to use with no black soot residue (as with wick sealing wax). 

Our wax is flexible for a higher chance of surviving the postal system.


Our sticks can be easily cut into beads with scissors to be used in the traditional way with a spoon and candle / spirit burner.

Stick size is 11mm diameter x 15cm long - 1 large stick is equivalent to 3.5 of our standard size wax sticks for the 7mm mini glue gun. For use with an 11mm glue gun, we recommend using a hot melt glue gun with our wax sticks. 

Each stick will do approximately 8-12 impressions depending on the size of your seal.


11mm x 15cm LARGE