Stamp Sizes and Handles

 We have a choice of 15 wax seal stamp head shapes and sizes ~ all made from solid brass
they all screw directly onto the same size handle, making them interchangeable.

(images are not to scale)

Round wax seal stamp head
Available in 17mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm and 50mm.
Hexagon wax seal 22x25mm
Oval wax seal 16.5x24.5mm, 18x26mm and 25x35mm
Square wax seal 25mm

Rectangle 22x30mm
Diamond wax seal 
 28 x 34mm (across the points) 

Clover wax seal 25mm
Heart wax seal 25x22mm

 All stamp heads as shown above are solid brass, made in the United Kingdom.

We offer a choice of three handles designs, all with a French Polish Finish.

NEW DESIGN - hand finished with a high standard french polish in Walnut or Red Mahogany.

TRADITIONAL - hand finished with a high standard french polish in Walnut or Red Mahogany.

ANTIQUE - hand finished with a high standard french polish in Deep Mahogany


We do not import our seal ends or handles from China.