Brass and Wood 5ml Wax Melting Spoon

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Handmade Brass and Wood Sealing Wax Melting Spoon, holds approximately 5ml of wax.

Suitable for use with 25mm plus wax seals

After endless searching to find a quality product worthy of our store, we came to the conclusion that such a product did not exist, so we designed our own!

This sturdy spoon is made from solid brass and wood so it will not bend or melt when heated, longer than most other wax spoons so you do not burn your fingers.... size is approximately 14.5cm long (5.5 inches) and holds approximately 5ml of wax.

Our design has pouring spouts on both sides meaning anyone, right or left handed can use it with ease.

Easy to use, simply add your wax to the spoon bowl and heat over a candle or spirit burner, once the wax is melted, pour onto your project and press in your wax stamp.

As this item is handmade, there will be imperfections on the brass, this is due to the casting process and cannot be avoided.


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    Quality product, excellent service

    Posted by Patrick Gaul on 4th Apr 2024

    After looking around at many models of melting spoons (of which I now own five different ones!) I must agree with Custom Wax N Seals when they state 'After endless searching to find a quality product worthy of our store, we came to the conclusion that such a product did not exist, so we designed our own!' I'm glad they did! Before I continue I should offer a disclaimer. I am not using this product to create seals for wedding invitations or other fun or craft purposes. I am a researcher and historical reenactor who teaches classes in 19th century letter writing, one of which occurs at the Jane Austen Festival in Bath. This is the lens through which I evaluate this product, so everything that I have to say may not apply to you. This spoon is beautiful to look at and a joy to hold. Nothing else in my collection comes close! From a historical perspective, however, it is quite different in design from any extant late 18th or early 19th century models that I have seen (which usually feature larger bowls and shorter handles, level with the bowl), but what it has in common with those is a quality, handmade appearance. That makes it quite acceptable for my purposes, and certainly much better than any others available. A unique feature of this spoon is that fact that the bowl is angled up slightly (about 15 degrees) relative to the handle. This can be an ergonomic advantage if you are holding the spoon directly over a candle or a spirit burner (the one sold here is quite nice) or if you are dipping wax from a melting pot (also offered here). Custom Wax N Seals offers both of these choices, so it seems clear that they designed this spoon to work best for those options. However, most other spoons that you will find are designed with the bowl flat to, or level with, the handle. This feature allows a spoon to lay flat in any number of widely available sealing wax melting 'furnaces' (an item that Custom Wax N Seals does not offer). If you plan to use this spoon hand-held over a candle or burner, or to dip wax from a pot, then great. If, however, you are planning to use it with a furnace, the angle of the bowl will not allow you to lay it flat, and fill it with wax (unless you prop up the handle somehow). This is not to say that there is not a solution for this! With some guidance from Custom Wax N Seals I was able to modify my spoon to allow it to work with a melting furnace. Ask them how to do it!

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    Great quality

    Posted by Chris Thorby on 3rd Dec 2020

    Best melting spoon I have seen sold by a UK seller, great quality and large for bigger wax seals. Great price too. Thank you.

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    Posted by Aaron on 30th Jul 2018

    A simple accessory but definitely a must have. I found that the brass spoon helps to give you the right amount of wax (as not to over or under do it) and also helps with the pouring. Only down side - it is a pain to clean, but a bit of elbow grease and it'll look brand new each time you use it. NOTE FROM Jackie - I find they are best cleaned when hot, then the wax will remove easily, yes it is a pain if you let the spoon go cold.

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    Brass spoon

    Posted by gemma ince on 28th Jul 2018

    The best way I found (better than the glue gun) to melt the wax over a candle for the stamp. I used it to remelt the seals that weren't perfect.

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    wax melting spoon

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Oct 2017

    excellent product, well made, made from quality material

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    A really sturdy and high quality peice of kit

    Posted by Liam Pender on 14th Jun 2017

    This looks fantastic, unlike a lot of other spoons I've seen this is made of thick stong metal but allows for fast heat transher that melts the wax fast. I can get 3 25mm seals out of a spoon full. Highly recommend!

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    Posted by May_Oxford 2015 on 21st Aug 2016

    I have been searching for a robust but still attractive wax melting spoon for ages. This is the answer. 5ml bowl remains quite small.

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    Perfect and excellent quality!

    Posted by Jenny on 5th Jul 2015

    I had multiple Wax stamps on wedding invitations to do. This Wax melting spoon was exactly what I needed for my 25mm stamp I also got from customwaxnseals. They ran out of red wax beads but suggested cutting up the melting sticks for the spoon. This worked perfectly. The spoon is thick Brass and excellent quality. Cleaned excess wax off with white spirit in a jar (dont touch the wood handle) and then polished back up with brass cleaner. Perfect! The stamp was also fantastic quality and produced brilliant results after I perfected the technique based on the tips that came with it.

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    The Spoon

    Posted by Greg Doncaster on 29th Jun 2015

    Its great. I now have 2 x 30mm diameter round seals. This spoon fits in a good amount of wax without spilling. I now even mix various colours of waxes in my pot and use the spoon to create a marble effects, it's so cool. The handle is great it fits my hand comfortably.