Designing Your Wax Stamp

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing a wax stamp to ensure a clear impression in the wax.

Small text and thin areas do not create clear impressions in the wax, they will produce a much shallower engraving than bold black images. The wider the line or engraved area, the deeper the laser can cut and the better the wax seal impression. Due to this, some areas on your design may engrave at different depths.

The black area is engraved and is therefore raised in the wax seal impression.

A Good Design         Un-Engraveble

Our laser engraves at a slight angle meaning the impression will be thinner than the design. We use a guideline of 0.8mm minimum thickness for each line of the design to ensure a clear impression.


You can send your design by email to, we accept PDF, AI, EPS, SVG, TIFF, PNG and CDR file formats.

We can also draw from pictures if you are unable to provide a file in the above formats, this does incur an additional fee due to the extra time taken. We would be able to give more information once we have seen your image.