Letter Sealing Wax

Our Own Range of Sealing Wax - Handmade in our workshop in Shropshire

Hot Melt Glue Gun Sealing Wax - flexible sealing wax available in a range of colours, now available in two sizes: 7mm for the mini hotmelt glue gun, and 11mm for the Professional Hot Melt Glue Gun.
Blended Sealing Wax Blocks - genuine sealing wax with a flexible agent added.  For use with a melting pot, saucepan over a low heat source (electric hotplate recommended)

Scented Wick Natural Sealing Wax
, handmade in Shropshire - coming soon.....

Perfect for making your own self adhesive wax seal impressions, we also stock our own double sided tissue adhesive tabs, available in two sizes 26mm and 35mm , for the adventurous who wish to make their own peel n stick wax seal impressions, use of a silicon mat is also recommended.

We recommend you test sealing wax on your product to ensure it is suitable, as some strong colours may bleed depending on the application.
All Sealing Wax sold by CustomWaxNSeals is made in the UK