Personal or Company Wax Seal Stamp Scale B

Artwork MUST be approved prior to ordering to confirm suitability for engraving.
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Laser Engraved Wax Seal Stamp SCALE B -  engraved to your own custom artwork - various stamp sizes available. 

(Scale - A or B will be assessed on receipt of artwork and is based on the amount of time the seal will take to engrave).

PLEASE FORWARD YOUR ARTWORK FOR APPROVAL - We will than advise which Scale of engraving is applicable to your design.

Please make an allowance within your vector artwork which should be bolder than your proposed wax seal impression to allow for the slight 10 deg incline that the laser cuts at.

Please email your design prior to ordering to confirm suitability for engraving to,  preferred file format is cdr (CorelDraw 6x), we can also view files in Adobe Illustrator, PDF, EPS, or High Resultion Jpg, but to use these files they will need to be converted to a vector SVG format for us to import the file into CorelDraw for engraving. Thin lines and fine detail may need to be thickened for engraving as they will not be strong enough to produce a wax impression.  If sending vector artwork, please place your design within a thin circle to indicate placing on the wax stamp.

We will also advise on the recommended stamp size for your design. Once your artwork is approved for engraving we will email over the correct order link and reference.

Extra Artwork charges may apply if your design needs any amendments or is currently unsuitable for engraving, we will suggest improvements you can make yourself or we will do those for you (extra artwork fees may apply if we need to do major adjustments on your design)

PLEASE NOTE on your artwork design - the black area is engraved and is therefore raised in the wax seal impression - all artwork is reversed by ourselves at the engraving stage.  Small text and thin areas of your design may not  be engraved as deeply as other parts, this is due to the laser cutting at a slight angle will cut to its maximum depth and not be able to proceed further in narrow or thin lines.  The wider the line or engraved area, the deep the laser can cut and the better the wax seal impression.  We are unable to guarantee a good wax seal impression unless these guidelines are adhered to. Please indicate with a red circle where your design is to fit on the stamp, otherwise we will fit the design how we feel it will be best suitable.

Instructions for submitting your own artwork and creating your own designs

All artwork supplied must be 'Production Ready'. Black and white that has sharp, clean lines and require no retouching. When emailing artwork please name your files with your first and last name or company name. All artwork is reversed at the engraving process, please don't submit a mirror image for engraving. 

Formats Accepted 

Artwork should fill an A5-A4 size page, BLACK ONLY on a white background, NO LAYERS, FONTS converted to Objects only, as we will be unable to view them if they are not on our system.  No Overlapping images  or lines, please combine.   The file should not contain multiple images hidden within the file as this creates problems when out-putting to the laser engraver.  There will be a surcharge for any additional artwork that needs to be rectified prior to engraving.

BLACK on WHITE Background, page size A5-A4 minium, 300dpi (we may be able to convert lower dpi if the image is sharp and of a large size)
Please save your file as CorelDraw Version 12, Size as per your stamp required, NO OUTLINES, BLACK ONLY, FONTS converted to Curves, Combine overlapping images with the WELD feature,  ALL Paths must be CLOSED, or this will cause a conflict with the engraving process.  Please view your artwork in WIREFRAME Mode, to ensure the above conditions are met, as they may not be visable in NORMAL mode. If your image or font does not appear thick enough, add a Contour to thicken and take away the original image. 
As a guide we would recommend that the text should not be smaller than pt 8 (this can vary depending on the font used - we have used Arial for example), as most fonts are too thin to engrave, this will also need to be thickened with a contour, so adequate space around the letters is required.  
 LASER ENGRAVING works by burning away artwork that is shown as black in the design, try to steer away from thin lines within your design, as when engraved they will be too deep and not pick up in the wax. Try to image your design as a stencil - see example below. The image on the left would not engrave well, but will turn out much better when converted to the image on the right. 

wrong                            right 

The drawing on the left was scanned at 300dpi and printing onto white gloss A4 card at full size, hand painting into a stencil effect using black and white Gouache paint, as the paint is opaque, you can paint the white over the black. The final painting is then re-scanned at 300dpi, lineart - fine quality mode, to give a good jpg image to work with for engraving. The scanned painting is then traced into vector format using Corel Trace to give an image for engraving. 

Bear in mind when creating designs for laser engraving, that you do not use thin lines in your design, the laser burns deep, so thin areas may not make an imprint in the wax. Black filled areas work best where possible. Thin fonts will need to have a contour applied to make them heavier.  

Submitted Designs not up to the above recommendations may require editing or even redrawing altogether, there is an extra fee for this service, ranging from simple touching up, to a total redraw of your design, you will be advised of this prior to your ordering and advised the scale of service you need to select in the shopping cart.






2-3 Working Days
Solid Brass & Wood
Laser Engraved in house


  • 5
    Personalized Wax Seal Stamp

    Posted by Eric Holly on 3rd Apr 2021

    This was a gift for my wife and it she loved it! Sam's knowledge help me pick exactly what I needed and everyone was so easy to work with. I honestly know very little about the subject and they took the time explain what each item would and wouldn't look like. Once I decided on what I wanted the order was processed and shipped much faster than I could have imagined! Thank You!!!

  • 5
    One of the greatest things we have ever spend money on!

    Posted by Mark on 3rd Feb 2021

    We wanted a personal seal for our wedding invites and general fun in writing letters and we could not have been more satisfied! Friendly, great and fast (daily responding) service. Never making us feel annoying or stupid no matter what we asked OR when we started over with a new design after finishing and scrapping the first one. Can only recommend to everyone, everywhere, for anything!

  • 5
    Custom Wax Seal

    Posted by Ellen Pridgen on 9th Dec 2020

    I am floored to receive such beautiful craftsmanship of a silihouette of me wearing my Regency Era attire and Forelle font initials. I also received gifts of 2 peel on wax seals and 2 wax sticks. Only one drawback; using a velvet or better quality bag for the seal instead of a large organza fabric.

  • 5
    Society Wax Seal Stamp

    Posted by Andrew J Newton - King's Army on 23rd Jan 2018

    Absolutely superb quality. Gives a crisp image seal which has really enhanced our certificates. Great turnaround too - thanks Guys!

  • 5
    Wunderfull seal

    Posted by Michael Hauber on 7th May 2017

    I was given advised by an expert an my seal was wundefully produced. Thanks!

  • 5
    easy to deal with, quick delivery.

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Dec 2014

    We supplied custom artwork and it was exactly as we specified. Great job.

  • 5
    Perfect product! Committed and helpful and fast delivery

    Posted by Karen on 18th Dec 2014

    As a silversmith I have an eye for finding flaws in metalwork - but the seal I received was perfect! It was exactly the same as the artwork I supplied which they were so helpful advising with. Really good quality and very durable, worth every penny! The whole service and delivery was really fast and just superb. Packaged great too - I was one very happy customer. It has been a long time since I have been so happy with the whole buying process and product, so I highly recommend these wax seal stamps!

  • 5
    fantastic service

    Posted by Arthur Richard Brinnhard on 28th Nov 2014

    the guys at custom wax n seals were so helpful with getting my wax seal made to my specifications. and the fact a could use my own artwork was a big plus for me! and it turned out gorgeous. better than I had expected for 2D laser cutting. once payment had been made the wax seal was shipped out within a couple of days, and I received it within that week! I thought that was very fast and I was so happy with the quality of this product! I will certainly be a repeat customer for custom wax n seals, as they have more to offer than just seals they have some great looking products I would love to purchase one day. I highly recommend this company! and I do to all my friends and clients. im sure you will have the same experience I have with custom wax n seals.

  • 5
    Great product!

    Posted by MAtt on 7th Jun 2014

    Pertinent artwork advice prior to order submission, then a very speedy and professional service. Nice touches plus all-round good service adding up to a great value product. I'd not hesitate to recommend this company.