Custom Design

How to submit your artwork for approval (all artwork should be submitted for approval before placing your order)

If you have your own artwork, design, drawing, or idea and would like it created into a laser-engraved wax seal stamp, please forward your artwork to us via email to: we will then confirm the suitability of the design, and if it is acceptable for creating a wax seal by the laser method.  Full order details, design references, and pricing (including the appropriate order scale) will be forwarded before making an order.

Artwork formats accepted are:  AI ; EPS ; PDF ; SVG ; WMF ; CDR Vector formats (please ensure all fonts are converted to outlines (unless you are supplying the font typeface) and objects are combined, with no images overlapping.  Images should be solid images and not contain outlines OR a High-Quality JPG, Black on a white background,  Format 300dpi full page size (approximate).  Please make an allowance within your vector artwork which should be bolder than your proposed wax seal impression to allow for the slight 10 deg incline that the laser cuts at.

Please note we do not accept artwork in WORD format.

Not Acceptable:- photographs, internet graphics of low resolution - GIF, TIF, BMP, or PSD formats. Artwork containing very small or fine text, or very thin lines. We are unable to create shading or gradients in a wax seal.